Green Thing

Green Rubber Wirey Thing.

In honour of St-Patrick’s day (who drove out the snakes from Ireland) I present you with the green thing trying to be a snake.

This is a very hard but super pliable rubber object that I believe is supposed to be a tool to help with drawing. Either for architects or just us plain ol’  artists.

I cannot google for its name as I don’t know what search terms to use. It has no markings.

Because it is bendable, reminding me slightly of that other bendy chap, I made valiant attempts to bend it into a four leaf clover. It sprung out of shape. But a semi-three leaf clover was achieved.

Green thing trying to be a clover

(yes yes, I made it more green for St-Patrick as well)

Status: Keep. Too much possible fun with bending and very compact, so little shelf footprint.

p.s. Thanks to CEO from book club for the reminder that a green thing would make sense today. I had a perfect image in my mind of the pistachio green Virgin Mary night light I owned, that alas, has either already been tossed, or escaped my cursory search through the closets.

Sláinte! Erin go bragh!

(thanks Nancy for the proper term)