Nikon Coolpix P2 Digital Camera c. 2006

This camera actually took half-way decent pics. Considering it was a relatively low end consumer model. 5.1 MB. I think that was a lot at the time. I see there’s a new Nikon 800E coming out which has 36MBs. Slightly pricier of course. Seems high to me. It sold originally for $399. I think we got it for ~$250 (new but end of shelf life). There are 2 used coolpix P2’s for sale on amazon starting at $60.

It even had the ability to take quicktime movies.

What’s happened  is the lens cover stopped opening at some point. At first it slowed down upon opening and closing, in a painful bad special effects movie kinda way, and then one day it refused to open. A new (proprietary and thus pricey)  lithium battery did not fix the thing. It’s truly useless now.

I wonder if this will be considered vintage and cool in years to come?


Lens cover remains stubbornly closed.

Status: Open up and see if the innards will appeal to the sea monster.