Eumig C5 8mm movie camera, Made in Austria. c. 1961

The case it comes in is absolutely gorgeous.

camera case detail

I’m reaching outside of things I “exclusively” own now, to my partner’s clutter treasures. He bought it at a garage sale. He never used it, although he does know how to use it, because he went to film school. It has sat un-worshipped for several years tucked away in the corner of the bedroom under  a window. Now it’s going to live in the studio in the bookcase with the glass window. The red is simply a thing of beauty.

There are none of these Eumig’s currently for sale on eBay, but a few here and there on other sites going for about $25 – $137.  I found an ad from Life magazine, which promotes it as having sound.

Eumig Ad

Here’s the camera itself:

Eumig Camera

Status: Display. There is room for things that are well made and beautifully packaged.

Here is the Revere 16 MAG movie camera from Day 5, for home movie buffs.