Address Book

Address Book

Address Book. Gift c. 1998

I had to put the pen there to hold it open, as it’s unused state meant the spine was still very stiff.

There is one address poetically written in there, from the lovely person who gave it to me. I was keeping it because it’s so pretty and there is an inscription to me in the front. So now, I’ve taken a photo of the inscription and this object is ready to go.

I’ve only had a smartphone (iPh0ne) for 3 years, so in fact, I could have used this address book – but I kept them mainly in a smaller, less fancy, portable book, and the phone numbers were plugged into our home phone. This one has an entry for Fax – which is rather quaint. Recently I read something to do with solar flares, and someone was saying that they could wreak havoc on digital devices, so the advice was to print out all your contact info. I thought about that for a minute, and then thought, well if I can’t use it, what does it matter if I have the numbers printed out?


Status: Scratch out inscription, and but in donation bin. Someone may yet use it.