kodak insatmatic camera

Another Kodak camera

Kodak pocket Instamatic 10 camera c. 1975. Original price $23.

Found out that unlike the Kodak Disc 8000, which was the deluxe end of the range for its model, this pocket Instamatic 10 was the cheapest.
They both cost me about the same amount. Maybe this one was $3.
It used 110 cartridge film and says “Use only magiccubes” where the flash goes.

I think what I like is the shiny sticker of the Canadian Flag. I wonder how many countries they made flag stickers for?  It speaks to me of being a tourist or perhaps a spy. Pulling out your pocket camera and surreptitiously taking a shot. No messing around with settings. Just point and shoot.

The 110 film, is of course, discontinued.

Yet another kodak camera

Status: Replace with the full kit? I am missing the box, the flash and the vintage advertising.