FUJIFILM MF2HD Formatted 1.44MB c. 2001

These 3 floppies hold documentation of an old art project and a backup of an old art website. There is this guy in Saskatchewan, PhotoJim, who wrote a post “Our friend the floppy disk” in April 2010. He still uses them – at work no less! – but I wonder if the passage of two years has meant that even he must retreat from the position of valuing them.

I keep these for the kind of backwards coolness they have. I copied (I hope) the work that was on them a long time ago – possibly to a hard drive that failed – and archive.org probably has the site backed up. So they’re not needed as a last resort backup. But there’s something about their solidity, despite the floppy name, and that they are compact, which entitles them to some shelf space.

Status: Keep for the time machine.

Update May 15th, 2012: The floppy icon is under siege. Check out another obsolescence blog on the future of the floppy disc icon.