REALISITIC Minisette-9 Tape Recorder

There is an identical one of these for sale right now on Craigslist in Austin for $40. It takes double A batteries and also has an adapter. One of those universal 9V ones, that used to power multiple devices, unlike the things Apple makes.

I tagged this as a gift, because I remember a friend giving it to me, but it’s also possible I paid $10. I went on an interviewing kick with relatives, and then an art project where I asked people to tell me things.  Then it sat abandoned for several years. Then, I took singing lessons and the instructor gave me tapes of her playing the piano so I could practice at home.

This is why I’ve been keeping this – for those tapes, which I’ve kept. Thinking I’ll get back into singing. And it turns out there is a woman who offers lessons in our studio. She teaches professional singers, so pretty intimidating, and perhaps she doesn’t even deal with amateurs. It’s nice to know she is there though, so that the possibility lingers.