Staedtler T-Square 24″/60cm

I was a tiny bit surprised to find, upon googling, that they still sell these. For the very modest price of $13.99 at Staples even. Nonethless, it’s been a while since I’ve actually used this. It hangs in the studio, but not elegantly on nail, just jammed up on a pad of paper (otherwise I would have photographed it there).

Status: Still actually useful, and while only on very occasionally used, is easy to store, so keep.


So it’s Day 31! I’ve wrestled [ 😉 ] with whether or not to be obsessive and continue on – to do it daily for a year for example, or once a week, or whatnot.

I’ve decided to continue on until I run out of objects. This could be Day 68 or Day 366. I have a wee regret now photographing the shutter release cable together with the close up lens, otherwise that would have squeezed out one more day.