Paper from China

Stack of Papers/Posters Promoting China – circa 1977

Purchased this at the same garage sale I bought the light meter and the Royal close up lens. The guy had been to China in the late seventies, when China opened its doors to tourists.  (Between 1949 and 1974, the People’s Republic was closed to all but selected foreign visitors” – Wikipedia) . I’m not sure if this material was produced specifically for tourists. It feels like  “feel good” material. They may also have been printed earlier than when he bought them. They are almost like broadsheet newspapers rather than posters.  Each sheet has a photograph and some text. I think I may hang them and re-photograph them all.

I love the packaging. The creased brown envelope and the colours. They are mainly black & white images with red text, but there are a couple of colour images as well.

Paper from China

Probable keep – because they are unique. Should frame and hang though. Unless, of course, I find out they’re worth a lot:)

n.b. Every once in a while I walk by the house where this chap had that amazing garage sale (it’s a distinctive house, and across the street from a park is why I remember it) and wonder if he just chucked the remaining unsold stuff or lugged it with him to his new home. He had a lot of stuff from traveling. That house, incidentally was ~$850,000 say in 2006 I think. Similar homes are for sale at close to 2 million now. Does he regret not waiting longer to sell, or did he buy it in the seventies and make a killing anyway?