Hard Drive

250 GB Serial ATA Hard Drive

My MacBook Pro is just over 3 years old. Recently the battery was replaced, because it was swollen. Most dangerous apparently. It was fixed under extended warranty. At the same time, I upgraded the ram and the hard drive, because this one, that came with it, was stuffed to the gills. I don’t know if they wiped the data when they replaced it. Probably not. So it’s also a possible back up.

I’m keeping it with intent (of course)  to use in my sea monster, who is still only a prototype. As is, I like the colour and how it vaguely resembles a subway map.

It’s amazing how 250GB seems like chump change now. This object could generate another category, but most of my old computers I sell or donate. Although there’s probably more than a few cables and accessories lounging about that are long ago obsolete.