View Master

Had another image in mind for today, but then remembered it’s Valentines Day – so something red it must be. Another garage sale “find”. I do have some slides from my childhood.

There are currently 1,839 items available on eBay when you search viewmaster in the collectible toys section. Not too many with bids on them. I read that of all the various models produced since 1939, they can all use the same slides. So not quite useless.

I did hesitate ticking the category photography – wondering if I should change Dolls to Toys. But there are more dolls to come, and I learned that “In late 1939, the View-Master was introduced at the New York World’s Fair…it was intended as an alternative to the scenic postcard, and was originally sold at photography shops…1”  So Photography it is.

As it is Valentine’s here’s a glimpse of something romantic:

Mlle herself

Snow White - that looks like Bambie nearby though