Microcassette recorder

Sony Microcassette-corder M-330 — One Touch Recording 2 Tape Speeds.

Oddly enough, even with my super sleuth g00glitis powers, I am at a loss to find the release date of this model. Probably the 1980s. I even went past page 3.

I did learn that it’s not called a dictaphone because that was was trademarked by the Columbia Graphophone Company in 1907.

Dictaphone Ad

Apparently,  if you walk through a door you have a very great chance of forgetting the thought that you were holding prior to walking through said door. Everyone should carry one of these to micro manage their memory systems.

Microcassette recorder

Status: Sell.

Kill-ratio: 28:2/ 14:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 314 For Capturing Micro Memories