Glass ashtray

Glass Ashtray. Vaguely art deco in feel. Not sure of actual vintage. A garage sale find.

This is here for the smoking as no longer practiced (possibly obsolete overall?) status, not because it has no use. It is used for holding pencil sharpenings. I’ve been getting back into drawing (frightened into submission by  Jenny Holzer’s Truism “People who don’t work with their hands are parasites”) and right now am using watercolour pencils, which wear down quickly due to the constant dipping in water. Hence frequent sharpening occurs and this ashtray gets quite a bit of use. It’s also “on display” so admired, not hiding in the closet clutter.

It does have a flaw — a chip, which was not there when purchased, but is one of those things unfortunate things that can happen when you have beautiful things “on display”.  It remains beautiful in my eye however. I love the chunkiness of it and the form.

Glass ashtray

Glass Ashtray

Status: Write short mystery set in the 1920s wherein it is featured as murder weapon. The glamourous thin girl with the cigarette holder did it.

Kill-ratio: 26:3 / ~9:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 312 For Reflecting Upon Dust