Box. Part II.


A bunch of 45s. The 7″ 45 rpm record was introduced in 1949. I suspect most of these are a lot later, although there is a red Decca one which feels uber-vintage.

Mr. OP got these at a garage sale and managed to sell three of them, I think,  which amounted to three times the amount he paid for the whole box.
Further effort / research is warranted to try and pawn off the rest. That’s the thing about these get rich quick ventures. They require work.

Watch for a few of these to appear as individual posts. It’s Day 299(!) I have 66 days to go.

Status: As above, select the visually most entertaining, and feature here. Then convince Mr. OP to sell…

Also look at whose signature that on the note to Gerald.

Kill-ratio: 28: 3/ ~9:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 299 For Storing One Liners.