Cynley Loupe

Cynley Loupe 8x Magnifier.

A diamond related  site names Roger Bacon as having invented the loupe in 1250. I wonder about the precision of the date.  But I did find back up information for this claim on a French optician’s website  which mentions that Bacon is often cited as having invented the first pair of glasses.  They quote from his book, published in 1267, so I presume that’s where the date comes from. Thank you Roger Bacon.  I would be lost without you.

Day 56 was a Nikon Loupe. This one is cheaper.

It is dusty and scratched and the lens was never that great anyhow. What makes it special, as I just discovered, is that there are zero go00gle results for the product. Neither cynley loupe nor cynley magnifier produce results. “Your search – cynley magnifier – did not match any documents.”
cynley loupe produced  a handful of  results, none of which are the loupe itself. This is pretty astounding. An unindexed object – pretty much says obsolete to me.

I kinda miss looking at contact sheets and negatives with a loupe. It made you feel like a real artist.

Cynley Loupe

Status: Dust off. Keep for its uniqueness.

Kill-ratio: 38:3

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 251 For Viewing Imaginary Friends.

The customary shout out to Richard, and  John, for inspiring the Alt-Title Untitledpost stuff, and to Ben for the jokes format.

It’s Saturday of the long weekend, and so far the slippers are winning out over the getting my to-do list done.