Woven Straw Coasters. Tropical Theme.

These were a gift. They qualify as one of those  items that hang around mainly due to the  gift guilt / sentimental clutter factor. And yet in photographing them, their kitschy beauty shines through.

They are definitely not functional. They puff up in the middle and  if you place a glass on them, it wobbles precariously. You might spill that rum punch if you’re not careful. Perhaps that is their hidden intention of design —  to measure your state of sobriety.


Status: Wait till next summer and have a party on the beach with punch. Spiked and non-spiked.

Kill-ratio: 18: 2/ 9:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 233 For Balancing Out Regrets.

Speaking of guilt, I feel guilty I haven’t yet posted this Alt Title Post, my thank you for a recent blog award, and my OT karmic updates. Hey, like everyone else, I’m busy:) Until then the usual thanks go out to the usual suspects:  Notes to the Milkman   and  The Future is Papier Mache  regarding this  Untitled tomfoolery,  Alt-title”Jokes” as closing for a post  inspired by Ben‘s joke format at the end of his posts.