Paris keychain

Paris souvenir keychain.

I’ve been to Paris. Twice. It was worth the trip.

I think this keychain was a gift from a friend who went to Paris before me. I don’t usually buy souvenir type trinkets for myself. Unless they’re vintage of course:)

Paris keychain

Status: Now that I’ve been to Paris, give away. Or use for mailbox key. The “vintagey” cracker jax box keychain is getting worn out.

Kill-ratio: 13:2 / ~6:1

Alt-title: Untitled Objet Numéro 208 For A Lost Romantic.

I direct you towards People, Places and Bling for a little dose of Paris.

(Marianne Faithful’s The Ballad of Lucy Jordan for those of you outside of N.A.)

And, as always le petit bonjour for Richard and John for inspiring the alt-title folies. And to Ben for the joke format.