India Beer

India Beer Bottle. circa 1968 – but I’m not 100% sure where I got that date from.

I refer you to this incredibly comprehensive site about the history of  Newfoundland Beer if you want to dig up information.

I had something else pre-prepped for today (my 2nd to last day of vacation, although technically the last as tomorrow is 11 hours of travel (after a 7 hour drive today) to return back to the west coast – why is Canada so big?) but decided to use this image instead. A bottle at one of my cousin’s – in an old house (~110 years) with the old wood and rope, it positively shouts “project Obso – pick me pick me”.

Day 36, Dominion Ale Stubby also featured a Newfoundland beer bottle.

India Beer Bottle

Status: Borrowed.

Kill-ratio: 6:1

Alt-title: Untitled Bottle No. 190 for A Homesick Mariner.

My status: Steady (until tomorrow’s travels) internet access for the first time in a week. Still no cell reception though. I am no longer in a remote location it’s just that my service provider sucks.

The usual thanks to Richard, John and inspiring this for the untitled/alt-title nonsense. And to  Ben for the “jokes” format. Looking forward to catching up on everyone’s blogs in next little while (after I catch up on work!)