Canada Post Office Pre-stamped postcard – Wood Carving, Port-Joli, P.Q.
Postes canadiennees. Carte postale timbrée – Sculpture sur bois, à Saint-Jean-Port-Joli (P.Q.)

A wee tear on the front and crease on upper left hand corner. Condition: not mint.What do you expect from a garage sale?

Back of Postcard

I half fancy writing a note to someone on this.
“Not here, but wish you were there”
No that’s not nice.
“Not here, but wish we could see it together”. Better.

Postcard Stamp

Status: Find out if Canada Post would accept this as currency.

Kill-ratio: 18:3

Alt-Title: Untitled Postcard No. 172 for An Untitled Pen Pal.

As per usual, a shout-out thanks to Richard, and to John, for inspiring the Alt-Title Untitled post nonsense, and to Ben for the jokes format.


Day 172 – isn’t a mistake . I am currently away on holidays and have a bunch of images ready to go  and was looking to see if they were in a draft post or not. I saw this in the drafts folder. Not sure why it didn’t publish on the day. I might “re-sequentialize” it later, but for now it will serve a dual purpose – a holding spot until I get Day 183 together.