UHF/VFH Matching Transformer.

Now I know that Day 108’s Cable Is a Matching Transformer, Not a Matchine Transformer. This little guy is a humble leftover part.

I’ve already expressed all there is to say about the loss of the analog signal on Cable Drawing #114. All there is to add is that it is now August 2012, and the venerable but aging CBC has only 29 days left to broadcast analog over-the-air signals.

Status: So small, yet perhaps ideal as a tentacle for the sea monster. Will she come into being before the end of the summer? Alas, I fear she needs until the end of the Fall. She prefers the cooler weather.

Kill-ratio: 12:2 / 6:1

Alt-title: Untitled Cable Part. 179 For A Perishing Signal.

Fare thee well over-the-air analog.

Although not technically a cable drawing, I will still give a shout out to Ann for originally encouraging the cable drawing series. And, as usual thanks to Richard and John for inspiring this Alt Title obsession. Read John’s post about titles for the initial impetus. This Alt-title is more a wistful one than a joke, but nonethless a wee merci to Ben for the “jokes” format.