Twilight Zone Tv

Miniature tv that lights up and plays the Twilight Zone (1950s Sci-Fi TV show) theme song when you click the old fashion button for turning the tv on.

Twilight Zone TV

It still works, even though it’s fallen down a few times. I went through a spate of collecting little toy things. There are a few (okay more than a few ) still hanging around. This might even have been a keychain, I can’t recall.

Twilight Zone Tv


Status: Do a miniature quick time of the song looping. Is there an episode I could cull from and crush the little toy to pieces with a flourish of joy, finally ridding myself of all these little things.

Kill-ratio: 33:3 / 11:1

Alt-title: Untitled TV No 167 for The Twilight Zone.

The episode list only goes to 156, gosh darnit. Otherwise a perfect Alt-title would have presented itself.

Thanks to Richard, who coincidentally is basing all his post titles right now on Science Fiction Books, and to John, (who has a great blog title : Notes to the Milkman) for inspiring the Alt-Title tomfoolery.