Postcard Mountie

Postcard of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Cleaning out some photographs (the 4×6″ kind I used to get doubles of with my LD key) and, gasp, actually throwing heaps away, I came across some more old postcards. This unused one included. Although there is a tape mark on the back, so it was used by someone for something once upon a time.

Postcard Mountie Back

Status: Just newly found, it will find space amongst the ephemera. As an aside, a very old black and white  photograph I have of Mt. Gass has gone missing. I am amazed how much I miss it.

Kill-ratio: 23:2 ~12:1

Alt Title: The Lonely Untitled RCMP Officer No. 159

Queen Victoria,
the Twentieth Century belongs to you and me
Let us be two severe giants not less lonely for our partnership,
who discolour test tubes in the halls of Science,
who turn up unwelcome at every World’s Fair,
heavy with proverbs and corrections,
confusing the star-dazed tourists
with our incomparable sense of loss

Poem, Queen Victoria, Leonard Cohen.
There’s no RCMP officer mentioned in the poem, but I do think of the 20th Century and RCMPs and the Queen somehow all in the same frame.
It’s Leonard Cohen Alt Title week here at project Obso, inspired by Richard and John. There were once jokes, inspired by Ben. They may return. All my Untitled Nonsense posts can be found by searching for Untitled. They’re not all tagged yet.