Untitled Musical Movement

Untitled Musical Movement (3rd in series). This Untitled Title isn’t a joke. I can’t identify the music. It’s very familiar, sounds a bit like “Here comes Santa Claus” but not quite.

Untitiled Musical Movement

Those are two magnets on the end, very handy for the D-I-Y mindset. I went to MakerFaire today, a plethora of D-I-Yers all in one place, most inspiring. The 3-d printers in particular were intriguing. Got to see John Bieheler ‘s printers in action. Also got some custom perfume made just for moi.

 Untitled Musical Movement

Status: Identify song.

Kill-ratio: 18:2 or 9:1

Alternate Title: Untitled Movement No 142 With Key.

I almost feel a post is in order about this whole Untitled stuff – I am alternating between jokes, limericks and variations on Untitled tiles. Until the post is written, you can check out the inspiration references at the bottom of Day 137 – Pocket Calculator