Clip on Earring

Clip on Earring. Made in Japan. Solo. Garage Sale Treasure.

Once I started mining the bathroom for things that were Obsoing, I found a few more (surprise) items of jewellery that are in various states.

  • Needing Repair
  • Missing Mates
  • Ridiculous
  • Ridiculously Ugly

This falls into the missing the mate category.  Normally I might just have chucked it. Then I noticed the “Japan” on the back of the clip on. Which has me now on the hunt for its mate. The bathroom was renovated a few months ago and everything tossed into various bags and boxes. Not everything could squeeze back in as the new cabinets were smaller. It might not be missing.

Btw, a lot of junk got tossed then before I decided upon this project.

Clip on Earring

Status: Find mate. If found, wear. If not, toss.

Kill-ratio: 18:2 or 9 to 1