Pedicure Toe Separators

Pedicure Toe Separators. Still in Plastic.

Yes, brand new. And they have been sitting in the bathroom drawer (well, it was renovated recently so not the same drawer) for over 9 years. Nine years. Clearly clutter, but because they’re “brand new” and shiny I haven’t tossed them yet. They also have a guilt association as they were a gift. The packaging was in better shape back then.

Perhaps they represent time. There will be that moment in time when I will have an hour or so to give myself a pedicure at home. There will be that level of pampering at home. There will be lots of time. I’m already breathing slower.

Pedicure Toe Separators

Status: Deadline to open these and use is the following Sunday. This weekend is already jammed. Next Sunday I make time, or out into the bin they go.

Kill-ratio: 11:1

Untitled Joke of the Day: “I’ll try the Untitled No.88  polish, don’t you think it suits my skin tone, Untitled No 35?”