Sherlock Holmes Shorthand

The Return of Sherlock Holmes, Volume III. Sir A. Conan Doyle in Pitman Shorthand (Advanced). New Era Edition.

Got this at the VPL’s (public library) annual garage/book sale. It was a discard from the UBC (university) library. The blue colour and small size stood out for me. When I noticed it was Sherlock Holmes, that sealed the deal. The Pitman Shorthand oddity was gravy.

It’s also illustrated, another bonus.

Not that I can read shorthand.

Sherlock Holmes Shorthand

Sherlock Holmes Shorthand

There is also something stamped in the front about its economical use of paper, being printed during war times. Forgot to shoot that.

Status: Although stamped discard and thus actively calling out for its release, I’m afraid it’s just too cute to let go. Surely some shelf space can be squeezed in. Learn shorthand…? I’m a big Sherlock Holmes fan.

Kill-ratio: 46:4 or 12:1

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