Pill Box

Pill Box. Or as I’ve been calling it, the little box.

Another item where when I pulled it out, and asked my partner if it was ok to photograph it (ie: was it a precious family trinket ) he responded, “I thought that was yours”. Thus, it’s another origin unknown petit objet.

It has a kind of a function, as you can see below, holding old nails. What their origin is, or why they are being kept is a mystery. They are the kind of nails that you don’t see anymore.

It is a bit of a tawdry thing, but I do like the decoration on the front. I also like the era it summons, where people put little pills (or whatnots) into such containers.

Pill Box Open

Pill Box Closed

Status: Now that it’s been established it is not a family heirloom on either side, it is not precious. It does however  have a certain charm. And it works. Find something sweet to put in it, and give as a party prize at either the Mad Men party, or the Hookah party.

p.s. In case anyone’s noticing these things – these were photographed on different days, hence the different light.