Nikon Loupe from above

Retro-actively including this in the Cable Drawing series, even though it’s not a cable.

Richard, from  The Future is Papier Mâché  has included this blog in his Thank You Award, conceived of by Leanne Cole (,   – it’s all explained well over on this post. The gist, as I see it, is to 1) Be grateful and 2 ) express that gratitude, and 3) follow the “rule” that you acknowledge the person who gave it to you.

I’m currently re-reading “The Diamond Cutter” a buddhist perspective on business and managing your life, so been thinking about gratitude lately.

Here’s the list of folks and their blogs that I will say a big thank you too! (Only a few right now, as for the time being, I’m focusing more  on content production, less on content consumption – sounds a bit smarmy, but there you have it)

– Richard Guest’s The Future is Papier Mâché – photographs and fiction. Lots of great series. Many thanks also for your comments.

– Ann’s Jone’s Image, Object, Text    insightful reviews thoughts about art, artists. She’s introduced me to several artists I didn’t know about and one of her comments gave me the idea to start a sub-series of cable drawings images.

Streets of Salem – we haven’t actually interacted, but this blog moves me.

Keri Smith – Keri’s is a super well known blog. We also don’t know each other (although my comments have been approved). Many of her posts contain nuggets of gold.

A little shout out to my book club fans, Rebecca & CEO. They don’t have blogs 😦 but do deserve my gratitude. So does the whole book club really, whom I can safely bounce ideas off before they come to fruition.

No doubt this list will grow. If I was to include all who deserve my gratitude who are blogless, now there would be a list.