Vintage Postcard from Leeds

Postcard from Bob, who was visiting Leeds,  to Polly (Mrs) in New York, remarking on Elsie’s improved appearance.

This stamp must be franked, but it is faded away – so I can’t tell the exact date. But based on deep research, I can ascertain that this stamp is vermillion green, and thus dates from between 1902 and 1904. Otherwise known as blue green, here is the evidence. My other sources must remain silent.

Back of Vintage Postcard

Polly is enjoying fresh air and fine weather, and Elsie is looking better. Things are looking up. It must be Spring.
Vintage Postcard Detail

Status: Reason #10 for purchase of macro lens has been reached. I’m eager to see how this paper and handwriting looks close up. Unfortunately, the tax-man has dibs before any new purchases can be made. Maybe I should start selling editions of some of these pix.