Detail of Postcard Eiffel Tower

Chantal Postcard, Eiffel Tower. Stamped 1972 (pretty sure).

This card presented a slight dilemma for me. I noticed the frank mark  is 1972 , and although I don’t know what the odds are, it’s possible both the writer and addressee are still around. So I blurred her name out. The address I chose not to blur, as I could quickly search and find someone with a different name living there. has some Ottawa city directories scanned, but they only go back to 1923, so I couldn’t sleuth and see if this person was still alive, and I could possibly contact them. Although the presence of the postcard at a flea market does rather suggest their death.

Vintage Postcard Back

I love that the sendee, David, is c/o American Express, Casablanca, Morocco.

Vintage Postcard Eiffel Tower

Status: Keep. See below.

Kay's Korner

Am in Victoria, BC for the long weekend, and visited an antiques store (Kay’s Korner Experienced Goods (no website to link to, shucks, but click image for the fun shop sign) and lo and behold she had some vintage postcards. This is not one of them, but it does mean that the collectible postcard thing could be a keeper for me. I bought 3 for $1.50 – curious readers will have to wait for the day they make their humble appearance on Project Obso.

Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you.

p.s. being away also accounts for the fuzziness of the first image. Thought it was in focus when I shot them before I went away, but alas a detail shows it as blurry. Reserve right to reshoot:)