Vintage Postcard Detail

Vintage Postcard, “Oh How I Love You,” Postmarked March 14, 1913 (possibly 1918 – the impression is faint).

Along with the Captain of the 29th Batallion, this postcard was part of the ephemera I purchased at the antiques flea market.

The handwriting seems a bit shaky, and makes me somewhat suspicious of the authenticity of this postcard. Although why fake a vintage postcard that you’re charging less than a dollar for? It’s the fact that it reads “Hello Ted, Just read your card in answer I will just say _____”,

Vintage Postcard Back

And then the magnificent “Oh! How I Love You” on the other side – makes it seem all above board, but why is it addressed to a woman – unless that’s her return address?

Vintage Postcard Oh I how love you

Tantalizingly,  a quick google returns a record of a marriage between Roy Lloyd and Eleanor Creathbaum in Baker County, Oregon (not too far from Vancouver, BC I’m guessing) and it was in January 1915. If this card is from 1913 then it all fits.

Status: Unravel mystery…

p.s. I started this blog on Feb 1, so it’s unlikely I’ll still be blogging about obsolescing things by next Valentines – otherwise I would have saved it as perfect for the 14th. It’s Easter and Passover, surely love fits in there somewhere.