Bull for Incense

Bull Shaped Brass Incense Burner / Holder With 6 Holes in His Head.

My parents did use this. I have used him a few times.  But 99% of the time he simply sits on a shelf and looks cute. Once I went to photograph him, I really looked at the design on him. It’s not just abstract patterns as I always thought – but people,  birds, flowers, and an Egyptian looking figure – half bird/half man.

I would like to know the country of origin. Apparently the origin of incense itself is uncertain, but amongst other uses, it was used to drive away demons. This little guy seems too fey for such a feat, on the other hand, the designs may be fierce. He’s also heavy.

Incense Holder Bull

Incense Bull from Top

Status: Keep. Put back on shelf in more prominent position.