Napkin Holder

Painted Metal Napkin Holder. Garage Sale.

In trying to establish what era this is from, I found a nearly identical one on Etsy selling for 12$ plus $8.25 shipping. Also found references to the term filigree. Not sure if this qualifies as that or not. It has a design that could be from many sources, looks almost Arabic. It’s probably from the 1950s-60s. Apparently paper napkins were introduced by someone named John Dickenson in 1887 at his company picnic. They didn’t come into popular use until the 1950s. I wonder if he had any idea of the profligate waste to follow his convivial gesture?

Love the design of this object. Sturdy and whimsical, representing levity and gravity simultaneously. It’s use in our household has been mainly for pads of paper. We use cloth napkins, naturally.

Napkin Holder

Status: Sings for a Mad Men Marathon watching party no?

n.b. Today is a bit of a celebration over here at Project Obso. It’s Day 60! That’s exactly twice the amount of days as the original goal. Wonder if I can make it to 90? If I break out the books, most definitely.