Turkish Doll Front

Turkish Doll in Traditional Costume.  Mate to the Soldier.

Unlike her companion, she still has her turquoise stand, although it’s no longer attached to her shoes. Thus it has to be held together with a rubber band whose colour at least somewhat matches her pink pantaloons. There is a book called Pantaloons & Power: A 19th Century Dress Reform in the United States, which alludes to a connection between pantaloons and the women’s right movement. Perhaps I will add this to my reading list.
Turkish Doll From Back

Turkish Doll Face

Her lips are rather fetchingly painted. Noticing a certain je ne sais quoi care given to these hand-painted dolls where the lips are concerned.

Turkish Doll Shoe Imprint

My favourite bit, the imprint of her shoes. Feels like she’s been standing their for centuries, doesn’t it?

Status: Hold a wedding ceremony for her and Mr. Fez and document on video.