I Ching Box

I Ching Cards. University Books, Inc. Edition, New Hyde Park, NY 11040 • Six Dollars

I Ching Cards Box

There is a set of cards just like this for Sale at Ruby Lane  Vintage Collectibles. I am only linking to the general category because, who knows, they could sell by the time I post this.

What I learned from them is that “the designs used in this very set of cards were the subject of a lawsuit, Walker v. University Books, Inc. (9th Cir. 1979) 602 F.2d 859.”
Which, of course, for me, greatly adds to their allure. So, alas they cannot be shoved in the Sally Ann bag. They wouldn’t have been allowed to go anyhow, as when I pulled them out to photograph, I heard someone squawking a complaint.

Somewhat in keeping with the spirit of the thing, I cut the cards randomly on two different occasions no less, and both times got the #34 – Great Strength card. Traditionally the 34 is ‘Great vigour, Constancy is fruitful.’ Am thus feeling pumped.

I Ching Cards 34

If you don’t know much about the I Ching, wikipedia (where else) has a great entry.

I ching

Replica of an oracle turtle shell (wikipedia)

Status: Well, someone else won’t let them go…
Is there a way to turn this design copyright lawsuit thing into a little video of sorts? I am inspired by the above image.