Stubby Beer Bottle

Bennett Dominion Ale Beer Bottle  / “Stubby”. Made in Canada. 341 ml. c. 1984

My mom found this on a beach in Nfld, which is surprising considering the label is fully intact. There is a flattened coin with a nail in the top. She told me what it’s for (something perhaps to do with fisherman?) but I’ve forgotten. I’ve kept it because it’s a gift and so quaint, but mainly because of the nail in the top.

The label says “Carling O’Keefe Breweries, St-John’s, Nfld – Union Made”. The Bennett Brewing Company was founded in St-John’s in 1827.  Newfoundland & Labrador did not become part of Canada until 1947. The brewery was purchased by Carling O’Keefe in 1962 and closed due to a merger between Carling O’Keefe and Molson in 1989.  Dominion Ale is still produced by Molson, but not, alas in a stubby.


Status: Keep (for the nail in the top).