Coffee Pot

Turkish Coffee Pot. Vintage / Antique.

This beauty was appraised at the Antiques Road Show (the Canadian One). It didn’t make the cameras though. Although I was on the show another time, in Montreal. My 5 minutes of fame have been established. The appraiser said that it was originally brushed (or some techie term) with gold. You can still see a few flecks. It is worth a little bit. I wish I remembered more about what the appraiser said – you think you are listening, and really paying attention to all the details, but then they fleck off your memory, and all you have left is the traces – just like the gold paint.

I like the shape of the handle and spout. And the embossed pattern. There is a maker’s stamp on the bottom, but as I don’t read Arabic, it remains anonymous.

My parents acquired this. Not sure where, if it was both of them, or my mom might have got it a flea market.  I don’t think they ever used it. I have not. It’s decorative lines are why I’ve kept it. As with other objects, undecided about its ‘keep’ status.