Turkey Hen and Rooster Salt & Pepper Shakers, Made in Occupied Japan.

Purchased at a community centre fundraising sale. So I’ve tagged it rummage sale, as garage sale seems to belong to the purview of  individual. Used once, as decoration on the table for Thanksgiving.

It’s the orange that caught my eye. And that they are so cute and well painted. The soft green is lovely as well.
Although many of the objects I’ve photographed so far could fall in the category “Collectibles” this is the first one I’ve tagged that way. I think because I bought it that way – when I saw the “Made in Occupied Japan” stamp, and that I do in fact collect salt and pepper shakers. But please, don’t buy me a set for xmas.


n.b. The whole Occupy movement has changed how I see the words “Made in Occupied Japan”. Have to do some thinking on this.

p.s. I thought these were Turkeys, but my friend Nancy corrected me. They are hen and rooster. Still cute as buttons.