Mamiya C33 Professional Twin Lens Reflex Camera. Made in Japan.

I love this camera. It weighs a lot. Must be a few pounds. It is sturdy. And, apparently is one of the few 6x6cm format twin-lens reflex camera that has the interchangable lens system.  I don’t have the extra lenses. It has 105mm ones. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work. There is something stuck somewhere – it’s mechanical and could be fixed of course. I took it to a pro camera shop a few years ago and at the time it seemed too expensive to fix. For a while I kept the 120 rolls of film in my fridge ready to use.

It was a gift from a friend who lives in Germany and when she moved back home she gave it to me. I’m pretty sure she had it as a gift too. So it was technically a re-gift.

Keep, with hopes of it being fixed in the not too distant future.