Label maker

Dymo Hobbyist 1895  Tape Writer/Embosser or Label Maker .

I have more tape colours – red and black, both matte and shiny. The blue is my favourite though, of which I only have what’s left in the maker itself.
I did use this in a project. It’s kinda fun, but it takes quite a bit of force to get the letters to print out a true solid white. I just printed “DOES THIS WORK” to test it, and indeed it does work.  But some of the letters are not level and I’ve forgotten how to make the spaces in between the words.

This is truly an object that has had its day – both at the hobbyist level, and the grocery-store level. Or wherever else it was used. Think of the workers whose hands are saved.

Except in searching for information about the history of label makers I found an antique one made of metal, which made me want one.

Label Maker