Close Up Lens and Case

The same garage sale I found the light meter at. Royal Close Up Lens 49mm No 2. Coated Japan is what’s written on them. They are filters rather than lenses strictly speaking I suppose.
The case has 3 delicious red velvet slots for each filter. It doesn’t have that much wear and tear.  In fact, I couldn’t open it far enough to get a good shot of the red interior. Maybe the chap I bought them from was a bit of a garage sale junkie himself.

Never used by me.

It’s the case I like.

The shutter release cable still works – with my old Nikon 35mm. Naturally the Nikon D5000 requires a different kind of cable release. I’m certain they could have retro-fitted the digital camera so it would work with the old cables, instead they want you to buy a remote digital version. On my to-do list.

The Royal case closed